M&P was birthed in 1980 by the vision Manie and Paula Louw which is where the name derived from. Their vision was to build high quality truck load bodies that were reasonably priced and raise the overall standards in the industry.

The company started with humble beginnings in a small rented premises in Tarry Rd Alrode South. The factory may have been small with very limited production capacity but this in no way limited the vision of Manie and Paula, they had big dreams for M&P Bodies. Unfortunately the company and more so the family took a huge blow in 1984 with the untimely death of Manie, the company lost one of its visionaries with all his skills and experience and the family lost a loved Husband and a Father.

Although it was a very difficult time Paula made the decision to continue to follow their vision and dreams for M&P Bodies. She grabbed the reins and started to drive the company with a passion and determination to succeed in their vision. Paula brought Paul Louw (their eldest son) into the business to fill the huge gap that was left by Manie's passing.

Gerhard who was completing military service at the time joined the company a year later, surrounded by her boys Paula now had both the strength and ability to pursue their vision. With Paula at the helm the company grew from strength to strength through her integrity and firm but fair management style. Needless to say both Paul and Gerhard added their flair to the company and contributed to the growth and success of the business and the company was soon in a position to purchase its own factory in Tarry Road Alrode South.

The company through hard work and dedication has experienced a remarkable consistent growth and now owns five (5) factories in Tarry Rd. As the company grew Paul and Gerhard took more and more charge of the business but were still under the watchful eye of Paula. Paula was not only an exceptional business woman succeeding in a man's world she was also an exceptional mother who taught her children the integrity and honesty that she displayed throughout her life and is the back bone of M&P.

Paula had great Faith in Paul and Gerhard and started to release control of the company to them and in 2003 they purchase 100% of the shares. Paula being the visionary of the company would always see it as hers and both Paul and Gerhard out of respect also saw it as hers although she had largely taken a back seat by this time. Sadly Paula passed away in 2011 after a long illness but has left a strong legacy behind and saw the Manie and Paula vision come to fruition.