M&P BODIES - Commercial Vehicle Load Body Specialists


The Inspiring Journey of M&P Bodies

In 1980, M&P Bodies was brought to life by the visionary couple, Manie and Paula Louw, who gave the company its name. Their vision was clear: to create high-quality, affordably priced truck load bodies while raising industry standards.

With humble beginnings in a small rented premises in Tarry Rd Alrode South, the company faced limited production capacity. However, Manie and Paula's dreams for M&P Bodies knew no bounds. Unfortunately, in 1984, tragedy struck when Manie, a true visionary and beloved husband and father, passed away. The loss was felt deeply by both the company and the Louw family, as they lost a source of invaluable skills and experience.

In the face of adversity, Paula made the courageous decision to continue pursuing their shared vision and dreams for M&P Bodies. Taking the reins of the company with unwavering passion and determination, she enlisted the help of their eldest son, Paul Louw, to fill the significant gap left by Manie's passing. A year later, Gerhard, completing his military service, joined the company. With her boys by her side, Paula possessed the strength and ability to pursue their collective vision.

Under Paula's capable leadership, the company flourished, guided by her integrity and firm yet fair management style. Paul and Gerhard brought their own unique flair to the company, contributing to its growth and success. Soon, M&P Bodies reached a milestone, purchasing its own factory in Tarry Road Alrode South.

Through hard work and unwavering dedication, M&P Bodies experienced consistent growth, currently owning five (5) factories in Tarry Rd. As the company expanded, Paul and Gerhard took on increasing responsibilities, always under the watchful eye of their exceptional mother, Paula. Paula not only succeeded as a businesswoman in a male-dominated world but also imparted to her children the values of integrity and honesty that she exemplified throughout her life, serving as the backbone of M&P.

With great faith in Paul and Gerhard, Paula began gradually releasing control of the company to them. In 2003, they took full control of the company, solidifying their commitment to M&P Bodies and its continued success.. While Paula always considered M&P as her own vision, both Paul and Gerhard, out of deep respect, also regarded it as hers, even as she took a back seat in the operations. Sadly, Paula passed away in 2011 after a long illness, but her legacy endures, witnessing the realization of the shared vision of Manie and Paula.

Today, Paul and Gerhard continue to uphold the company name with unwavering dedication. They work tirelessly to honor the legacy left behind by their visionary parents, ensuring that M&P Bodies remains a symbol of quality and excellence in the industry.